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As the digital economy is developing and maturing, Blockchain technology is drastically changing how we do businesses. Today, the financial sector is leading the way in Blockchain and digital assets. While some main uses of Blockchain technology seem to be in the developing stages, the digital economy is already here. The industry needs a bridge between traditional and emerging asset classes. Designed for mainstream adoption, the Balance Network platform will be an all-in-one solution for crypto to maximize client value.

Balance Network is a next-generation Cryptocurrency Exchange committed to offer alternative financing and non-banking asset management solutions outside traditional financial systems and banking establishments with the integration on NFT Marketplace. Unlike other platforms, we place all assets straight into the Blockchain ledger. We offer our clients a broad range of trading and advisory services management regarding mergers and acquisitions, shareholders, restructuring, and strategic topic clarifications for organizations, private equity houses, and solo investors.

Our vision is that newcomers to the digital economy will be able to get started with their first transaction of exchanging crypto instantly through our supportive and straightforward platform. Professional traders will enjoy a fast, secure, and highly flexible environment that integrates standard features into our digital asset ecosystem. Balance Network will also offer innovative investment models, such as our Balance Network Token (BLN) and NFTs, which are intended to give users access to one-click digital asset diversification options.

Balance Network is constantly in pursuit of latest technologies, and to upgrade the financial market experience for our users, we adapt ourselves to future technological goals.


Recently, we have watched cryptocurrency markets rapidly expanding from an approximate $7.5B market capitalization at the end of 2015 to today's nearly $560B. It's a signal that a vision for decentralized funds indeed has a viable future. However, while the majority of cryptocurrency assets are built on the foundations of decentralized architectures, the majority of their trading still takes place on centralized exchanges, where users must ironically deposit their funds in order to trade.

Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) followed in attempts to fix the underlying infrastructure of centralized exchanges (CEXs) by facilitating trades with smart contracts, removing third party control of trader funds. DEXs succeeded at diminishing third party risk; however, it was achieved at the cost of speed and performance.

Given the trade-offs required with each type of exchange, we developed a solution that rested in the middle-one that provided both speed and security, without compromises, a multichain platform built on Binance Smart Chain Balance Network. The first version of the Balance Network exchange combined off-chain matching and validation with on-chain settlement.

By managing trade matching off the Blockchain, Balance Network delivered trades at the speed of centralized exchanges.

By then settling trades on-chain, Balance Network maintains the same safety and security features as decentralized exchanges. However, the market potential for the cryptocurrencies is yet to be fully realized. We at Balance Network are currently developing fiercely a platform which will provide investors with an opportunity to participate in DEXs, CEXs, IDO, Gaming and NFT Marketplace via the Balance Network platform. With your support as the community, Balance Network will build a world-class crypto exchange, gaming, and NFT Marketplace powering the future of the crypto world.

In this paper, we will be examining the benefits of Balance Network, an upgrade to the first version of the Balance Network exchange. While Balance Network retains the core off-chain matching and onchain settlement approach, it also comes with powerful new features and scaling solutions. This Whitepaper presents our vision for the Balance Network exchange, the benefits of its architecture, and how it fits into the broader financial market.

Mission & Vision

Balance Network's mission is to enhance and foster the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange for global cryptocurrency trading. We will be achieving this by increasing awareness and educating the general population on the advantages and safety of utilizing digital currencies and the use of Blockchain and NFT technology.

Balance Network's vision is to become the state of the art generation crypto trading platform builder utilizing Blockchain technology, delivering unparalleled value propositions for new users, and having solid returns for investors. Ultimately, we wish to drive the creation of a new financial ecosystem grounded in the interactions between digital assets (NFTs) and Blockchain technology.

Our Goals

Our Goals are to provide an exchange platform between fiat, crypto-coins and digital assets (NFTs) with a large, active, and friendly community. We are investing heavily in production and service development to ensure that Balance Network can provide the best technological platform solutions in today's highly competitive industry. Our future development is to expand our business operations globally, solidify our presence, and push strong brand awareness in critical regions worldwide. We achieve this by introducing a top-notch cryptocurrency exchange platform and infrastructure utilizing the power of Blockchain and NFT technology.

Cryptocurrency infrastructure is deemed to be of utmost importance for cryptocurrency to gain widespread acceptance. We aim to introduce services such as cryptocurrency Launchpad, Farming, Swapping, and lots more. Living in a fast evolving world, we stay ahead of future trends and provide services that will be in high demand for the future of currencies. Bringing the best services to our clients is one of the critical goals in Balance Network. To ensure the stable progress of our business development, we have a solid team constantly working to achieve the next level of Blockchain technologies. With the intense pace of technology evolving, we are always on the lookout for new trends and technology involving the Blockchain. As the world is growing, we will always be pursuing the future of Blockchain and proposing new services that potentially can serve the community better. As we have high experience in the financial industry, we have major financial expertise working together and advising every step of our movements. To ensure all our services are safe, secure, and stable, we have different teams of people working in different fields of work.

Balance Network NFT Marketplace

At its core, Balance Network (BLN) is an easily accessible NFT platform on the Balance Network ecosystem for storing and transferring of ownership of a digital asset (NFTs) in a secure and decentralized manner. NFTs have a very specific and useful set of properties which make them wellsuited to solve many of the current problems with digital ownership and trade:


Fraud and counterfeits can be a large problem for collectors and traders. However, NFTs are cryptographically verifiable and therefore are immune to copycats and counterfeits. Beyond this, NFTs are provably unique, which means that in addition to being resistant to forgery, they also have exclusive individual identities.


The digital products we use and consume every day are managed and operated by companies that provide them. Our rights to the usage, sale/trade, and "ownership" of those items are very much at the discretion of those who manage them. Your Twitter handle can be taken away. Your digital game account can be banned. NFTs cannot. Blockchain strongly guarantees ownership rights by providing strongly secured accounts in which individuals can hold NFTs. Only an individual with access to the private keys of an account can access the assets contained therein.

At Balance Network, Ownership Protection prevents the ownership contact information from being changed unless a request is submitted by the registered owner of the asset. This guarantees that the personal assets from being moved to someone else's account without proof of identity or organizational vetting.

Provenance and Historical Audit

Blockchain records and displays every transaction from their first block until the current block publicly, including any transfer and/or trade records of an NFT asset. Blockchain accomplishes this with unprecedented data security. Thereby ensuring strong ownership tracking and a full transaction history of NFT assets. In the art world, this is known as provenance, but unlike the art world, there is no speculation about the origin or past of an NFT, as everything is recorded and fully transparent.

Transferability and Liquidity

NFTs bring the ability to tokenize and capture ownership (or other rights) into a digital asset that can be transferred and traded freely on open markets. The above NFT properties such as strong data assurances, ownership security, counterfeit immunity, and provable uniqueness are extremely powerful in eliminating many of the risks friction costs that would normally accompany digital asset ownership, paving the way for access to new markets and opening up previously locked and illiquid capital.

This last point is the crux of what Balance Network envisions as its primary driver for its NFT platform. We strongly believe that the Blockchain and its application to NFT technology will drastically change the landscape of ownership and digital rights in profound ways. Unlocking new potential markets and value, making existing markets more liquid and efficient, and giving individuals full control over their digital assets. Balance Network wants to bring this technology to a mainstream audience and allow everyone the opportunity to participate in owning a digital asset as well as grow a thriving ecosystem by partnering with traditional IP holders and the top existing NFT projects to bring strong offerings to the marketplace.

Our goal is not to only immerse you in the world of Balance Network alone with its engrossing game but to have your profit from it as well!

Cross-chain NFT Teleport

It is a bridge that connects two different networks and permits the transfer of tokens/data between them. Even though the networks have their own protocols, the bridge bestows a compatible solution to communicate securely on both sides. To make it even simple, similar to a bridge in our real world, a blockchain bridge establishes a connection between two distinct places and makes it feasible for the resources and traffic to pass by.

The concept of teleporting between the network is now applicable to even non-fungible tokens.

Here’s what it provides:

  • Move your NFTs to your desired blockchain networks.
  • Make the NFTs accessible to all the marketplaces with the cross-chain portal
  • Facilitate cross-chain auctions and sales.
  • Establish direct NFT swaps between users.
  • The royalties will be intact with the NFTs even if the network is changed.
  • Sell your NFTs on all the marketplaces featuring prominent blockchain networks

Exchange Market Status

Centralized Exhanges

  • Good liquidity, even very good for the largest exchanges. This ensures a high market depth and limited price slippage.
  • A good speed of execution of orders, thanks to a centralized order book and the available liquidity.
  • A wide choice of exchangeable crypto-currencies.
  • For some people, the possibility of margin-trading.
  • Transfer of ownership of digital assets to these Exchanges, which serve as trusted third parties.
  • Risk of sudden closure, making the assets deposited there inaccessible. These closures can be caused either by a bankruptcy of the Exchange operator.
  • Frequent unavailability of services during periods of market panic
  • The withdrawal of assets involves a double cost: the usual network charges and the charges added by the exchange for the withdrawal.

Decentralized Exchanges

  • No third party apps are needed to ensure security
  • Some are resistant to the bankruptcy of their operators, but there are few of them.
  • Insufficient liquidity to ensure the presence of a counterparty. This also causes a high risk of price slippage and slow execution of orders.
  • The slow execution of orders is directly caused by their distributed architecture model and by the way their order books and matching systems work.
  • Most of them have a limited choice of exchangeable crypto-currencies. Many are limited to exchanging only within the Ethereum network (Ether and Tokens).
  • Order books and matching of orders executed by smart contracts (On-Chain) cost network fees (gas on Ethereum) even if the orders are not executed. Moreover, there are also costs associated with canceling and changing orders.
  • We offer you the opportunity to exchange your ERC-20 tokens on the bridge with multi chain connections.

Technical Advantages Of Balance Network

Balance Network will always focus on delivering real, realtime, and sustainable data value to users, expanding the ecological boundary of trusted sharing.

1) Information Access

Users can maintain their own digital assets at any time and set up corresponding modes for different types of digital assets, including private, public, charging, etc., as well as pricing digital assets in the charging mode.

2)Improve transaction speed

Through the optimization of key links such as signature algorithm, ledger structure, data operation, serialization, consensus mechanism, and message diffusion Balance Network will achieve fast transaction verification in seconds.

3) Increase data storage

The double-entry bookkeeping mode of the Blockchain has accumulated a large amount of data in the continuous application of the system, resulting in a decrease in the running speed. Balance Network will implement separate storage and table-based storage mechanisms to achieve mass storage of NFT data.

4) High throughput

The essence of Blockchain is a distributed shared accounting technology, and its distributed characteristics are mainly reflected in distributed consistency rather than distributed concurrent processing. In order to ensure data consistency and prevent Byzantine general's problem, some specific links can only be executed serially, but not in parallel. Through long-term testing and optimization practice, Balance Network will further greatly improve the transaction throughput based on the Blockchain Network.

5) Fast synchronization of node data

Balance Network will develop a mirroring mechanism, which can regularly mirror the local ledger to realize a convenient rollback mechanism. Under a unified consensus, the mirror label can be specified for rollback; at the same time, the newly added nodes can be shortened. Join the running cycle, only need to synchronize the latest mirror and a small number of recent transaction sets, you can integrate into the network and participate in consensus verification.

Problem Statement

Before starting with the problems, I would like to say that Balance Network Exchange will be a one-stop solution to all the problems mentioned below.

Many crypto exchanges encounter the following problems:

  • Restriction in supported trading pairs of coins:
  • Almost all exchanges support only BTC and ETH for buying or selling any coin in their exchanges.
  • "Why can't I exchange any coin to any coin in any exchange?"
  • Security issues in the platform.
  • Security is one of the biggest concerns in the digital world. Crypto exchanges are not an exception. According to CoinGecko, a whopping $606 million worth of cryptocurrencies has been lost so far, with most of these losses happening through exchanges. Many exchanges went down/closed because of hacking
  • Poor technical architecture
  • Many exchanges are developed technically by a strong team using cutting-edge technologies, but they have little or no experience in finance or in operating an exchange. In most cases, their first and foremost goal is to develop a running software. But over the period, because of factors like security, speed, scalability, and many more, they can't satisfy the market demands.
  • Dependencies on third-party trading bots
  • Many traders rely on trade bots to perform automated trades and transactions. But unfortunately, not many exchanges have their own trading bots.
  • So, traders should opt for third-party trading bots, which might not be the optimal solution for any exchange.
  • Missing portfolio management
  • Anyone who is investing would love to know how well his/her investments are doing and what their real value is. How many exchanges come with portfolio management to make calculated investments and clever moves, portfolio management comes in handy always.
  • Poor internationalization and language support
  • Blockchains have no borders. Most exchanges focus only on one language or one country.

Balance Network Exchange Ecosystem


  • As we have just seen, Balance Network ensures a very high liquidity, provided by the centralized Exchanges, thanks to our arbitration system.
  • In the future, liquidity will also be supported by the sharing of order books between DEXs Exchanges.


  • Each client application performs the matching of its orders versus the complete order book. it's combined with the available liquidity, ensures us a speed of execution comparable to centralized Exchanges.
  • Its architecture and operation make Balance Network not dependent on the speed of execution of smart contracts on the various Blockchains. Thus, Balance Network is as fast as a centralized Exchange at nominal load and probably faster at high loads. Balance Network is certainly the fastest of all existing CEXs and DEXs.


  • System secured by design, with detection of hacking attempts or malfunction, and automatic disconnection of the concerned sections.
  • A truly decentralized system, users remain in possession of their cryptocurrencies until the exchange occurs.
  • No concentration of crypto-currencies. This is a prime target for hackers in centralized Exchanges, but also in so-called decentralized Exchanges whose operation involves the concentration of crypto-currencies or tokens.
  • The trader is guaranteed to receive his counterparty following an exchange, even if part of the system is defective or hacked.
  • An open and open-source system that allows everyone to control its code, operation and security


  • Highly redundant system, guaranteeing failure resistance and therefore high service availability, even under heavy load.

An Exchange Operated By A Community

  • Its distributed and community nature makes the service independent of the existence of the company that created it and does not need it to function.

An Extensible Exchange

  • Due to its open-source and modular nature, users who wish to do so can add to the exchange the support of new crypto-currencies as well as exchanges of cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies or the support of payment methods of their choice.

A Source Of Income For Those Who Support Its Operation

  • Those who support the operation of the service (NodeOwners) by running parts of the system (nodes gateways to specific crypto-currencies) are rewarded by receiving a share of the fees paid by traders on the exchanges
  • Those who operate margin-trading nodes also benefit from this source of income.
  • Similarly, arbitration nodes can also be a source of revenue by exploiting differences in quotations between Exchanges.
  • Thanks to its open-source nature, entrepreneurs will be able to develop a commercial activity of exchanging cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies and even offer payment methods wherever it is legal in the world (conversion nodes to fiat currency).

A Worldwide Exchange

  • In addition to the fact that the network is accessible from anywhere in the world for cryptocurrency exchanges, support for new fiat currencies as well as new payment methods added by the community will gradually extend the service to the whole world for fiat currencies as well.

Advanced And Ergonomics Trading Tool

  • Its client application, Secure Trade, offers advanced trading tools, which are common in the world of traditional trading (stock markets, futures markets...)
  • The main tools are: Order placement on the chart, money management assistance, scalping assistance, a programmable automatic trading module, not to mention the wide range of available indicators, and other graphic representation modes.
  • In addition, Balance Network offers margin-trading, which is currently unique for a DEX.

A Platform With Attractive Costs For The Trader

  • Balance Network only uses Binance Smart Contracts in the case of anomalies.
  • Any Exchange that takes place without malfunctioning or hacking does not involve smart contracts
  • As a result, order placing, order modifications, order cancellations do not have any cost for the user, unlike most DEXs
  • Also, the execution of an order does not generate any cost related to a transaction with a smart contract.
  • The platform also does not take withdrawal fees since it does not have wallets. As a result, with its single 0.15% charge on the execution of an order, which can be reduced on the basis of volume criteria, it will be as competitive as centralized Exchanges.

In conclusion, Balance Network is an ecosystem that provides an effective response to the problems of centralized and decentralized Exchanges


BLN will be created to serve as the currency of Balance Network platform and to perform some actions such as rewarding the community and investing within the Balance Network ecosystems. 300.000.000 BLN token will be created will be used as a utility within the Balance Network platform NFT ecosystem as both a native protocol token and an application token. However, as mentioned, once full development of the platform has be concluded, Balance Network platform will become a fully decentralized CEX, DEX, IDO, NFTS and gaming platform. BLN Token Total supply 300.000.000 - 150.000.000 1 year locked.

Balance Network | Tokenomics
BSC Contract Address:


What is BEP-20

BEP-20 is a token standard that increases the availability of ERC-20 and BEP-2 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. It offers additional functionality by allowing you to transfer your tokens between different blockchains and much more. With the BEP20 you can:

  • You can use compatible tokens on different blockchains.
  • You can index tokens from other blockchains and make these tokens available on BSC (such as the indexed Bitcoin BTCB in BSC).
  • You can trade BEP-2 tokens for BEP-20 equivalents (like exchanging BEP-2 BNB, BUSD with BEP-20 BNB, BUSD).

BEP-20 Standard Token

Binance Smart Chain has a BEP20 token standard that works similarly to Ethereum's ERC20 standard. BEP20 is a developer-friendly token standard that allows anyone to deploy exchangeable digital currencies or tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. Moreover, leading digital assets on other chains can be moved to Binance Smart Chain in the form of pegged BEP20 tokens. For example, you can use Binance Bridge to exchange bitcoin (BTC) for BTCB (BEP20) tokens backed by BTC. BTCB (BEP20) tokens can then be used in DeFi protocols to generate returns on bitcoin. The same goes for ETH, XRP, DOGE and more.


Set up community infrastructure

2. Quarter

Begin marketing

3. Quarter


  • Integrate with APIs that allow users to purchase BNB and BLN with fiat currency (credit card, bank, etc.) within the app