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Dear BLN Holders,

BLN (new contract) airdrop has been successfully done to the holders’ wallets.

You can see (2:1) BLN in your wallets when you enter new contract address: 0x5Cf8eA4278f689B301C4a17DdCa9D5ec8b0B0511

Liquidity of old BLN in Pancakeswap has been withdrawed and added to new BLN’s Pancakeswap liquidity.

New contract address of BLN is


All the existing BLN (contract: 0xE90334c19c798C3A18d81b8cd16594247D5B19dd , except the locked 40M tokens for 31 months, have been burned. You may see

the transaction hash: 0x69d3266eceaf92844f94377b8ba106c1160041a0719d390b17fc0fdc0815e66e

To the attention of BLN Holders!

New contract migration of BLN is DONE.

New contract address of BLN is


We had shared that we had applied to Bscscan, CMC and CoinGecko for BLN contract migration.

To provide a smooth migration process, we took the screenshots of BLN holders’ wallets on 30.04.2023

All BLN Holders invested to BLN with contract address “0xE90334c19c798C3A18d81b8cd16594247D5B19dd” (before 01.05.2023) will be receiving new BLN tokens (2:1) to their wallets on 02.05.2023, 19:00 UTC. For example: If you have 100 BLN (with old contract), you will receive 50 BLN (new) With the new BLN price fixing, you will see that we provide profit to all our holders!

The liquidity on old BLN with contract address “0xE90334c19c798C3A18d81b8cd16594247D5B19dd” will be withdrawed on 02.05.2023, 19:00 UTC and added to new BLN with contract address “0x5Cf8eA4278f689B301C4a17DdCa9D5ec8b0B0511”

Current and new holders must add this contract address to their wallet to see the airdropped new BLNs.

Anyone needs help, please DM to admins.

We are working hard to announce big news and making all arrangements accordingly!

Balance Network is Announcing Changes In Smart Contract Address

The Old smart Contract Address will be replaced with the New Address

Old Contract Address:


The process will be done automatically and Balance Network customers and community does not need to do anything as everything will be internally taken care off. All current BLN holders will receive new BLN Token to their wallet addresses.

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